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Personal Air Purifying Systems

Removing Toxins & Allergens so you can breathe easier.

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Why A Personal Air Purifier?

For every hour in a car passengers are exposed to the same levels of NO2 as they would have inhaled passively smoking 2 cigarettes.

Compact and easy to use with infrared gesture control.  The ClearerAir Purifier will fit in your car cupholder.

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How it Works to reduce pollutants and allergens.

Using a triple layered filtration system the ClearerAir Purifier capitalises on the latest technological advances to combat in car pollution as you drive.

By biodegrading the collected pollutants air is purified and toxins are removed permanently.  Unlike other purifiers this system will not re-release toxins back into your atmosphere when deactivated.

Within 10 minutes of activation the filter will have purified the air within your car, reducing odor as well as capturing dust, pollen,  pollutants & allergens.

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